How do I become a traffic controller in Australia?

How do I become a traffic controller in Australia?

Before getting to know how to become a traffic controller, it is essential to understand who a traffic controller actually is?

Who is a Traffic Controller?

Traffic controllers are the people responsible for directing the flow of traffic as well as the speed of different vehicles on the streets. They ensure the safety of drivers, workers as well as pedestrians who are moving on the roads. Traffic controllers come in most handy when manual control of traffic is required. This incident usually occurs when traffic lights are unavailable due to some technical issues or on streets next to little places. Some of these places include construction sites, road works, or some emergency response places as well.

What are the duties of a Traffic Controller?

Some of the essential duties of a typical controller include coordinating and managing traffic control, directing traffic around areas where traffic flow is relatively slow, or even answering questions pitched by drivers and pedestrians. Tasks like setting up temporary road signs, operating and implementing these road signs, as well as communicating via two-way radio with other traffic control personnel are also included as part and parcel of their overall responsibilities.

How much does a Traffic Controller earn?

Now that we know who a traffic controller is and what does he do, we must also know how much does a traffic controller earns on average. In Australia, the most common salary bracket for an ordinary traffic controller is between $40,000 to $60,000. This value or dollar bracket may vary from city to city and from candidate to candidate, of course.

How to become a Traffic Controller?

To work as a traffic controller in Australia, it is essential to keep a couple of crucial things in mind before proceeding further. First of all, you will need accreditation to enable yourself to work as a traffic controller. This accreditation lasts for three years only, and in case the time expires, you will need to re-apply for the same position. However, the certification will only be limited to a specific state or territory it was actually earned in. This means that if you earn the accreditation in Sydney, you cannot practice as a traffic controller in Melbourne. To become a traffic controller, you will also need to complete a traffic management course online or physically. This course must be such that it covers both the Implement Traffic Control Guidance Plan as well as the Traffic Control Management components. In case any of the two elements or components are missing from the course you do, that will not be enough to qualify you as a traffic controller in Australia.

What is a White Card?

Another important thing you can do that will put you on course for becoming a successful traffic controller is to earn a White Card. A White Card is basically a card that enables you to roam in areas that are under construction. These cards are issued to people who are usually involved in construction work. However, other people like site managers, surveyors, supervisors, tradespeople, and traffic controllers can also get their hands on this card since it comes in handy in their profession.